Monday, September 15, 2008

Discovery Green, Houston

I was surprised to read on silken's blog that she's never been to Discovery Green in downtown Houston. It is right in the area where she lives, so I would have thought she would have visited it before. She surprised me by saying she hasn't been there.

Kind of funny, because I was there just this past May when I went to Houston to visit my parents, having traveled from the other side of the globe. I thought the spot nicely put together, and enjoyed the walk around the area with my parents and my two nephews. The boys loved the facilities for playing, including the water park and sprawling playground. It is just the sort of place kids in the city need, if they are ever to get out and enjoy the outdoors a little.

One disappointment for us the day we were there was that we were a little too late to get to enjoy the remote control boats that others were sailing on the lake. There was not quite enough time for us to get a boat and sail it before the stall closed, but we did enjoy watching those who had gotten there earlier and got started at an hour that would allow them to get their money's worth. It was a pretty sight, watching the little boats on the pond, and especially fun to see the parents and kids all out there together.

For us, Discovery Green turned out to be a good spot to while away a late afternoon, and melt the disappointment we felt when the activity we had originally planned fell through. We had actually traveled downtown to see an Astros game at Minute Maid Park, but were unable to get tickets. Discovery Green, nestled in beside Minute Maid Park and the George R. Brown Convention Centre, offered a nice place to walk, let the kids play, and enjoy an ice cream before heading home.

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silken said...

nope, I've not made it yet! I did see that there are choreography workshops being done there as each musical makes its way to Theater Under the Stars. I think this is something my daughter would like to see...

hifidel said...

I hope it still looks as good after Ike.

I think you and your daughter will both really like it!