Friday, September 05, 2008

Book Ad Space Direct on This PR3 Travel Blog

I've begun a new service at my blog here. I am allowing advertisers to book ad space direct from me, not going through any third party advertising company.

Here is the most current information I have about my blog, for those who might be interested in placing an ad here:

• receives roughly 1,000 page hits per month from over 700 unique visitors
• traffic is mostly from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, the US, Canada, and the UK
• there is also consistent (though not heavy) traffic from other parts of Europe and Asia
• present Page Rank: 3

I have placed ads on this site that have been booked through third-party ad companies. It consistently generates traffic to the websites that advertise here, and has generated a regular flow of income via advertising. I am offering the ad space direct because the quality of traffic generated here seems to warrant it, and because direct dealings between advertiser and publisher help defray the cost of advertising.

The pricing is as follows, for now:

in-post ad: $7/50 word post
sitewide text links: $7/month or $75/year
125x125 button: $10/month or $100/year
banner: $18/month or $170/year

You will notice that it is cheaper to book ad space here for a whole year than it is to do so on a monthly basis. I am very willing to work out package deals for anyone who would like to make special arrangements, such as booking more than one type of ad, or blocking off periods of time for the ad to appear that may not be reflected in the above pricing.

Fill up the request form if you are interested, and I will contact you to make the necessary arrangements. All requests will be read by me, and I will respond to you to arrange the details of your advertisements. By requesting your ad through this form, you get your ad space directly from me, without a third party advertising company standing in between.

Please, no pornography or violent images, no ads for racist or sexist sites. And please keep it clean and family friendly.

If you are interested in arranging a package deal for advertising across my network of blogs and websites, please indicate that in your request, and I will contact you to work out the details.

I will look forward to hearing from you!

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