Thursday, September 18, 2008

Applying for a Visa to China post-Olympics

I've been waiting for an announcement regarding the changes for the regulations to apply for visas to China have now that the Olympics are over. With the end of the big event, travel in and out of the country will be much less hectic, and the reversion back to a less rigid system is welcome for those of us who make the trip often.

In theory.

I was at the embassy today in hopes of renewing my multiple entry one year visa. Not possible. And, on top of it, it all still requires the same rigamarole that was needed during the Olympics, with an added difficulty — you can no longer get your visa on the same day you apply, even if you are willing to pay the fee to expedite it.

It looks like we'll have to stick to the more rigid regulations a while longer. One can only hope that it will revert back to pre-Olympic conditions again soon.

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