Thursday, August 21, 2008

Turn Around

I was just reading a post at Sun Singer travels where the idea was raised that we often get so absorbed in the mighty and majestic things that we forget to look at the small bits of beauty that sit all around us. In this case, Malcolm mentioned that the view of the waterfall in Glacier National Park is so dominating, so awe-inspiring, that most who travel there fail to turn back and look at the valley behind them. If they would just turn around, though, they would get a magnificent view of a valley covered in bright flowers.

This reminds me of walking through a Chinese garden. Chinese gardens are laid out in such a way that various elements are framed for the viewer. As you walk through, you will be treated to the views the garden's architect has planned for you. One of the secrets when strolling through the garden is to remember to turn around. The very same things you've already seen have been reframed for you to appreciate in a different way if you just remember to turn around and look. As you seek out new elements in the garden to appreciate, you are at the same time offered the chance to enjoy the old things in new ways.

That's what I call creative planning.

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silken said...

I think this works w/ kids too! put them into a new setting and you may get a whole new perspective on them! :)

hifidel said...

And let me guess.... are there other days you'd like to put them in a new setting and leave them there? :-)

silken said...

I added my own perspective on this: