Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hooray! A new cycling path

It looks like it will be done soon — a new cycling path near my home!

It is strange because work began on this path without any announcement. I mean, sure, there is the long-discussed plan of connecting the whole island via a network of cycling paths. The East has long been ahead of the game with a more extensive set of cycling paths than any other part of the island. Of course it is natural that we here in the North will eventually catch up. And I've known this for a long time, but still....

...they really never said a word about this. One day nothing, and next day they were hacking up the section of grass beside the pavement. And the drains.

I think — and I am just guessing here — that this is where the secret behind our suddenly-laid cycling path lies. Alongside the road and the sidewalks in my neighbourhood lies a series of open drains. And it just so happens that there seems to have been an outbreak of dengue fever here in recent months. And next thing, what do you know... new pipes are installed, the open drains filled up, and a black-topped cycling path is there to cover the mess made by the hacking.

I am glad to see the dengue situation addressed, and glad that it is this serendipitous outcome for me.

Now I am just waiting for the day when our cycling paths here are connected to the other parts of Singapore!

(And I didn't realize until writing this post just how often I write about cycling here!!!

Speaking of.... did you see silken's new bike?)

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It will be nice to take you on the path when you are next here!