Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa

There are lots and lots of very nice spa retreats in Malaysia. I don't know of any that can beat Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa, which just happens to be the locale from which I am posting this entry.

I am relaxing in a huge spacious 5-star room, and have gotten an incredible deal on it. The present promotion ends soon (it is only valid for August 2008), but there is another coming up soon. The Ramadan offer has rooms in a Deluxe Chalet at RM398 (2 persons). These very spacious rooms are equipped with either a king size bed, or 2 twins. Extra beds can be had at RM40. The cost includes either a buffet or Sahur breakfast, and a Ramadan Buka Puasa Buffet (for breaking fast in the evening).

The normal prices for the rooms are about double what you see here, so this is a very, very good offer. The facilities are certainly worth the price, and the service is top-notch. When it is not Ramadan (like now), the meals are a large spread of an excellent buffet, offering both Asian and Western food. I imagine the Ramadan buffet for breaking fast should be even more extensive.

The Cyberview Lodge is located in Cyberjaya, very near the KL airport. It overlooks the lake surrounding the administrative buildings at Putrajaya. The big bridge there is visible from some parts of the lodge, and is just a short drive away. There are plenty of activities, with the spa (of course) being the main thing to do here. The swimming pool is excellent, and there are also bicycles for rent, tennis and basketball courts, and plenty of spots for nice walks where one can enjoy the scenic views.

Travel in Malaysia is always fun, and one of the main attractions for many Singaporeans (and other foreigners too) is the affordable rates you will find on top-notch accommodations like Cyberview Lodge. It is definitely worth the stop.

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silken said...

sounds really great! would love to see picts to go w/ it! maybe one day we can join you w/ a great deal like that! how about diving in the area?

hifidel said...

I drive in Malaysia fairly often, so don't mind it. It has its own culture, but it is manageable if you are alert.

It would be great if we could find a deal like this when you are here!

silken said...

actually I was asking about diving not driving!

hifidel said...

Funny! I just looked at your post too quickly and didn't see it right.

Diving in Malaysia is good, but more on the East Coast of the peninsula, or in East Malaysia (on Borneo). It isn't very close to the hotel I mentioned here — at least a 4 hour drive to the decent diving spots, and further to the really good areas. (see... the point about driving was relevant. :-p )