Saturday, August 16, 2008

Commonwealth Link

Tonight some friends introduced me to the strip of shops on Commonwealth Link in Singapore. There are many coffee shops in the area, with lots of shops and stalls to walk through after dinner. With ample parking spaces, it makes for a really nice place to go and find a spot for dinner on the weekend.

For our dinner, we went to the little coffee shop on the corner. The fish was good, as was the honey almond pork. I think the favorites for the night were the cereal prawns and the cockles. I liked both, and couldn't choose a favorite between those two, but most of the others said one or the other of those two was the best dish.

We had a nice walk around the neighborhood after dinner, and the kids especially enjoyed playing. It's a nice spot to spend the evening on the weekend, especially because it is good food, and yet not overly crowded.

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