Sunday, July 27, 2008

Would You Eat It?

My two younger nephews made their second trip to Shanghai with me about 1 month ago. Like they did last year, they approached the trip with a certain eagerness toward trying foods that they haven't ever seen before. Big on their list of must-try dishes this year was pig brains. I had mentioned to them that I'd seen it served at a restaurant when I was there recently, and they couldn't wait to give it a try. It wasn't nearly as high on my list, but I was more than happy to eat with them and enjoy the experience.

We tried pig brains while eating "hot pot." With a boiling soup sitting in the middle of the table, various dishes are brought out and cooked in the soup while you eat. It's always fun to eat this way, and seemed like a good time to try the boys' most sought-out dish for the summer.

Having tried it, I would say that boiled is probably not the best preparation method for pig brains. I'd much rather have something that comes out a little less soggy. In the area where my parents live (around Houston), it is not uncommon for people to fry pig brains with eggs. I can see why, as the texture of the brain was pretty close to that of eggs. I imagine that would be a pretty nice cooking method for brains. The flavor wasn't bad at all.

Here's some "before and after" shots of the pig brains, one just as it arrived at the table, and the other after it had been cooked.

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Aw come on silken... you might like green eggs and, er, brains.