Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Watery Playground in a Shopping Centre?

I don't know who came up with the idea of putting a watery playground in a shopping centre, but it was a pretty brilliant idea. At IMM in Jurong, the kids' play area is really nice. It is on the 3rd floor, and you can go outdoors (on the roof of the 2nd floor), and let the kids choose wet or dry playground. I had taken my nephews there last year, but we weren't prepared for the wet area, and so had missed out on it. This year, we went and the boys had a great time. There's a nice little shower area off to the side, which makes it really convenient to get the kids cleaned up and then go in for a nice cold drink and a snack inside IMM.

The playground is right next to the area that is sometimes used as a stage for various events. It's not to hard to find, and really is a fun place to play. It doesn't allow adults on the play area, but that is really OK. There's plenty of places for adults to "play" inside IMM.

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silken said...

I think I remember IMM but not this playground. sounds fun! the kids are all out on the roof by themselves?? I know, I'm sure it's enclosed. I bet the boys had a great time!

hifidel said...

No, there is a lot of space on the rooftop area; it isn't all playground spaces. It is a nice spot, and fairly new (about a year).