Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tomorrow We Will Know

My two nephews and I have tickets to go to Shanghai next week. Tomorrow we will know if our visas are approved. I never do that — pay for a ticket before the visa is approved — but I had to this time because of the special rules concerning visas to China that are in effect till after the Olympics.

The boys have their fingers crossed, and "that thing... what's it called...? oh yeah, a visa" has been an important part of their nightly prayers all week. I don't know if the trip to the embassy tomorrow morning early will be quite as troublesome as the one earlier this week when I went to apply, but I kind of expect it to be a bit easier (or at least a shorter queue). We'll see.

And I hope the visas are approved. I've not been rejected before. But wouldn't it be just my luck for this to be the time for some hiccup. Well... we'll see.

Tomorrow we will know....

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