Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So. Much. Easier

I went to collect our visas to China today, after complaining about the difficulty involved in applying in my last two posts. This time, the process was so much easier, and so smooth. It was just like it has always been in the past. Of course, when I went out, I still saw the same very long queue for people submitting applications. I understand that this will be the case till after the Olympics. I do understand the need for it, but it is no fun being caught up in the hassle.

What I don't quite understand the need for is the hike in prices for visas. It is crazy that our visas cost us more than double the normal price. It equals nearly a third of what our air tickets cost!!!!

I am getting ready for the Olympics to be over, from a personal standpoint. It will be nice to have life back to the routine again.

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