Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mozart, Child Prodigy

Last week we went to the Mozart exhibition at Singapore's National Museum. It focuses on Mozart's childhood, and him being a child prodigy. Most of the exhibit demonstrates what life in Mozart's time was like.

The kids all enjoyed the exhibit, but the adults thought it overpriced. The set up was small, contained in a single function room. There were games, costumes the kids could wear, and some hands-on activities, and all of that was fun for the kids. What was there was, in fact, pretty good. The only problem was that there wasn't a whole lot there, at least in proportion to the cost of the ticket to get in.

It was a fun day, but don't expect something huge. If you keep your expectations geared toward a smaller show, you probably won't be disappointed.

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silken said...

too bad. but glad the kids had fun!

hifidel said...

They are still talking about it, so I guess it was better than i realized!