Friday, May 02, 2008

Moon River Diner, Shanghai

The Moon River Diner has three branches in Shanghai, in Pudong, at Hong Mei Lu, and near Jing An Temple.

The menu has a really good assortment of American-style food. You'll find salads,hot dogs, a little Tex-Mex, burgers, soups, sandwiches, and plenty of ribs, chicken fried steak, and so on. The drinks are free flow (!), and they even have Dr. Pepper on the menu. That's a bit of a rarity in Shanghai (and it is not free flow, unlike the other drinks).

There is free internet access at the diner, which really appeals to many of the patrons there. Lots of people spend the afternoon working there, downing glass after glass of lemonade or fresh brewed ice tea.

The atmosphere is like a diner right out of America of several decades ago. It's a cozy feeling, good food, excellent drinks, and free internet access. It's a great place to spend an afternoon hard at work, or chatting with friends.

The Moon River Diner
3338 Hongmei Road
Phone: 6465-8879

68 Yuyao Lu,
The New Factories
Building #1 (near Xikang Lu)

Phone: 5213 5106
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