Monday, May 12, 2008

The Last Day

Before I left Singapore to come to Shanghai for a 3-month stay, I got a little nervous, feeling like 3 months was a long time to be away from home. As it turns out, I was not wrong... it is a long time to be away from home. On the other hand, it is a very short time to be in the place you are staying. It seems like the "extended stay" in Shanghai has flown past. And now here I am, with the last day upon me.

It has been a good experience to stay for a little longer than I normally do when I come to Shanghai, and the language courses have been a great help to me. Getting to be here day in and day out for 3 months has given me a chance to see a lot of things I probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to be a part of otherwise.

This being the last day, I'm practically dead on my feet. I've been running about spending time with friends (saying goodbye), and only started packing about an hour ago. I've got to get the flat all lined up to be away for a while (I'll be back in July for another short stay, then probably another extended stay in the Fall), get laundry washed, pack my bag, and all that good stuff.

It's always hectic when trying to juggle one's time between two homes, but it has all been worth it so far. An extended stay overseas for language studies is definitely the way to go if one really wants to get to know another country's culture.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, that went by fast. You're right, immersion is the best way to get to know a culture and language.