Tuesday, May 20, 2008


What a coincidence. I recently wrote about a staging of Heiner Müller's Anatomy Titus Fall of Rome in Australia, and then found out today that his Hamletmachine will be showing in Singapore beginning Thursday. It will run for about 10 days at Emily Hill.

Heiner Müller is not an easy playwright. His work is not always immediately accessible, and is often violent. For all that, though, I have to say I really like his work. It is powerful and moving, and even laced with tenderness through all the violence.

My two nephews will be in Singapore for the summer, and they are too young to be introduced to Müller's work yet. I've found a babysitter, though (who will basically sit with them after they've gone to bed), and will be able to attend the last night of Hamletmachine. I am really looking forward to the performance.

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