Saturday, May 17, 2008

Good Price and Good Service on Car Rentals in Singapore

A friend of mine knows that I have often rented a vehicle in the past when I needed it, and he asked me to recommend the best place to rent a car. I don't have to think twice on that one — Chan's Car Rental on Sembawang Road has just about the best service anyone could ask for. I first used the company more than a decade ago, when it was run by Mr. Chan with his sons' aid. The only big change since that first time is that the company is now mostly run by his sons, with their father's help.

The service that the Chans offer is really good. It is very much what you think of when you say "family business." They know me by name, and are quick to give me the best price on the vehicle I need when I call. They also give my friends a good rate on vehicle rentals, if they tell them I recommended them. There's no perks in it for me, but I am always more than happy to tell people about the good service at Chan's Car Rental.

My friend called Chan's after getting the number from me, and is currently using one of their vehicles. He said he got a good price on it, and is renting it for about 6 weeks while he waits for his new car to be ready. He seems as pleased with their service as I am.

It's hard to find a place that really understands good service, but Chan's Car Rental is exceptional in this regard. I wouldn't rent a car anywhere else.

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Anonymous said...

Last time I have also taken a car with air conditioning on rent from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.