Saturday, May 03, 2008

Driving in France

Continuing on the theme of driving tours in Europe, France is another country that is very suitable for a road trip. The system of highways is very well developed. Many of the roads there are toll roads, and all toll stations accept major credit cards. If your card is equipped with a chip, you can use the automated toll stations.

The scenery of France's countryside is famous for its breathtaking beauty. The romance of the country is perhaps best captured by being out in such idyllic locations, and a driving tour is the perfect way to do so. What I most love about driving trips is that you get to set your own pace, and see whatever you want. It is one of the best ways to really see a new place, I think, perhaps only matched by walking or cycling (though then you are limited in how far you can travel).

Another advantage to a driving tour is that you can really keep the cost down, especially if you are traveling with a group. I've found that I can cut a trip's cost down a whole lot by doing a road trip instead of flying, taking the bus, or taking a train. One of the reasons you can keep the cost down is that you are able to choose hotels that are not necessarily nearest to the public transportation stations. When you do a road trip in France, you can find Bordeaux Hôtels, Toulouse Hôtels, Marseille Hôtels, Paris Hôtels, or hotels in pretty much any city along your route when you visit You can really save some money when you find good hotel rates on your journey, and you are sure to find good rates at the site.

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