Saturday, May 03, 2008

Driving the Autobahn

I was very young when I first became aware of the Autobahn. I learned about it from reading a novel, where the character was cruising along at unimaginable speeds, running from whoever dared to chase him at the pace he was going. At the time, I thought the book too fantastic to be true — a fantasy or sci-fi novel. When I was a teenager, I remember reading some facts about the Autobahn and finding that the "fantastic" story I had read was actually very plausible, and that German roads are just that good.

The Autobahn was the world's first motorway, and German love of engineering for fast and efficient transportation is well known. On the Autobahn there is no blanket speed limit (though there are spots that limits are posted, where the road might be particularly dangerous). Germany's national roads (Bundersstraßen), state roads (Staatstraße), and country roads (Landestraße) are all wonderfully maintained, and make for a great time on a driving tour of the country. (One of my favorite ways to travel.)

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