Friday, April 18, 2008

Website Review: Holiday Whistler

Whistler Accommodation is a nicely put together website that offers great lodging at ski resorts in Whistler, BC. The information provided at the Whistler condo rentals site is easy to access, and very informative. The pictures not only give a very clear view of what you could expect from the various lodges listed there, but also make the place look pretty enticing!

For the sake of reviewing the site, I did a random search, based on the group I traveled with when I last stayed at a skiing spot (that one in New Zealand). That group included adults and kids, some who were interested in the ski facilities, and some who were just along for the trip. Making it a little more complicated, there were 7 of us. That can be an odd number to plan for.

With those criteria, I got back a good selection of accommodations, with a fairly large spread across the price range. Some of the special offers were really competitive. I like the look of the Bluffs at Taluswood 27, particularly for the spectacular views that you can get in the lodging there.

It all makes Whistler look like a very appealing destination. If I get a chance to head that way for a ski trip, I know right where to go to make my plans. The website at gives easy access to all the information you'll need for a trip to Whistler, BC.

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