Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Queensland Theatre Company

I have recently been contacted by the Queensland Theatre Company in Brisbane concerning a post on another of my blogs, and in response I went over to have a look at their site. It looks like they have a great programme in the upcoming months.

The post of mine that caught their attention was about Heiner Müller, a gritty playwright whom I have grown to love over the years. The Queensland Theatre Company will be staging his Anatomy Titus Fall of Rome Sept 1 - Oct 4. I have not seen any of Müller's play's onstage before (a pity!!), but would very much love to. His work is rough at times, but also tender and poignant.

I am sitting here looking at the theatre's schedule, wondering if I might be able to schedule a trip to Queensland in September. Müller is that good... it would be worth making the trip if I can possibly schedule it. If you are in any position at all to get to see the show, don't miss it.

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