Saturday, April 26, 2008

Novel City

Novel City is another in a long line of good spots to eat and shop in Shanghai. It opened up late last year, and has lots of good restaurants and shops. My favorite eateries are Nian Nian Bu Wang and the Blue Frog. I wrote about another branch of The Blue Frog about a year ago, and this new one is not much different. Only the atmosphere tells the two places apart — one being in Shanghai's old-style buildings, while the other is in this new shopping center — but the service is equally good, and the menu is identical.

Nian Nian Bu Wang serves local food, and it is very nice. The hong sao rou was especially good, and very filling. I had a set meal for 30RMB, and it filled me up so much that I didn't have room for dinner that night. That's a pretty good deal.

There are plenty of other shops at Novel City, including groceries, clothing, and a bit of everything. It is on Tian Yao Qiao Lu, and makes for a good place to sit and have a nice meal, followed by a nice set of shops to walk through when you've finished eating.

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