Monday, April 21, 2008

Nice Weather We've (not) Been Having

The end of April will be upon us in the next week or so, and I am still sitting around the house in long sleeves and sweaters, and adding an additional overcoat when I leave the house. If there are two sunny days back to back, they are sure to be followed by three or four foul rainy days. This is not the image that generally comes to mind when I think of spring.

From what friends are telling me, it has been an unusually cold year here in Shanghai this year, or at least, the colder weather has lasted longer than usual. While temperatures are rising in Beijing, a good two hours' flight to the north of here, Shanghai continues to refuse to allow sunny, warm weather in. It looks like I picked a lousy time to spend the whole spring in Shanghai.

That said, the flowers are still stubborn in their belief that spring has arrived. The brighter colours on the trees and plants in town have changed the look of the streets, and really do give hope that warmer weather is on its way soon. I've been snapping some pictures here and there, and plan on posting them as soon as I get a few minutes to sit and put them all together. It's always nice to see the flowers making their appearance in the midst of a big city, and the cold weather this year has made them especially welcome.

It does seem that warmer weather is going to settle in soon, though. Each time after the temperature dips (usually accompanied by a few rainy days), it ends up climbing just a little higher after the cool front passes by than it was before it settled in. There have been several false starts to the spring weather already. I'm hoping the next one will stick.

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