Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Maglev, Shanghai

I recently took the Maglev in Shanghai for the first time. It is incredible how quick the magnetic train travels. I took a few pictures to show how fast it builds up to its top speed of 431 km/hr. The first photo is taken a couple of minutes before we left.

As you can see, the train not only moves at a very high speed, but it builds up to it very quickly too.

The trip from the Long Yang Station to the airport takes more than half an hour driving. It takes 8 minutes on the Maglev.

With the recent lowering of prices, and the 20% discount for passengers who have a plane ticket for that day, the magnetic train is really the way to go when making your way from the airport into town (or vice versa).

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Family Fun & Faith said...

That development is going to be a real time saver for those going out to the airport! Is is smooth and easy or does it feel as though you are hurtling down the track?

Anonymous said...