Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Loving and Lying

Last night I was at the opening night for the play Loving and Lying, directed by Zhou Ke. It was a 2-actor show (Zhao Lixin and Song Ruhui), and was very well done.

Both actors did an outstanding job in their respective roles, but most viewers seemed to find the male actor the more outstanding of the two. I can certainly say he was more animated and versatile, but I am not so sure that it doesn't have more to do with how the script was written, rather than with the respective actors. Either way, the contrast between the two was a perfect balance.

The show will be running till March 28, and tickets are listed as "hot selling," so hurry and book now to avoid disappointment. The venue is the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center (288 An Fu Rd.). Tickets are 120RMB on weeknights, and 150RMB on weekends. Students can view the show at half price.

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