Saturday, March 08, 2008

Lan Zhou Lamb Soup

Since I arrived in Shanghai for this extended stay (about 3 weeks so far, and 9 more to go), I have found myself almost addicted to Lan Zhou cooking. Lan Zhou is a province in Northwest China, north of Sichuan and west of Tibet. The food that I have tried at the various Lan Zhou stalls in Shanghai is really fantastic. I haven't been to Lan Zhou before, so I can't say that it is very authentic or anything. But it is really good, all the same.

My favorite dish has to be the lamb soup. It is especially appetizing on a cold day, because it not only warms you up at the time of eating, but seems to keep you warm the rest of the day. The soup has thin slices of mutton, sliced tomatoes, leafy green vegetables, glass noodles, and (my favorite) a sort of flat bread cut up into the soup. In some ways, it is a bit like tortilla soup, with its rich base and the thin bread there to soak it up. But in another way, it is its own thing all together, with the Lan Zhou herbs spicing it up.

It seems that I am not the only one who likes Lan Zhou lamb soup. The last 2 times I've tried to order it (at 2 different stalls), it was already sold out!

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