Saturday, February 09, 2008

Lost Parrot Near Marsiling MRT Station

I am posting this on behalf of my friends who have lost a parrot this afternoon (9 Feb 2008) near the Marsiling MRT Station. He is an African Grey, and usually answers to "Ah Boy." He is very tame, and we are hopeful that someone will find him and contact the owners.

If you find him, you can leave a comment here, but we would prefer for you to call or SMS the owner at 91508346.

There are a couple of photos here. You can see he is a beautiful bird. His owners are very sad that he is lost now, and would greatly appreciate your call.

If you are a Singapore blogger, please help get the word out. We'll post links to here from several online classifieds sites too.
Thanks for the help!

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Family Fun & Faith said...

If he shows up in south Texas, I will leave you a note. Good luk with your search.

hifidel said...

Great! Looks like we have lots of ground covered.

silken said...

oh, I hope he is found soon! :(

hifidel said...

Me too! So far no luck.