Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Lantern Festival

Yesterday was Yuan Xiao Jie, the last day of Chinese New Year. Being the 15th day of the lunar month, you could see a bright full moon overhead, watching over all the celebrations.

Yuan Xiao Jie in Shanghai is different than it is in Singapore. In Singapore, we just have dinner with the family, eat some "tang yuan," and that is pretty much it. In addition to those things, the celebration of Yuan Xiao Jie in Shanghai is rather grand. Here, this is the Lantern Festival, when kids carry lanterns and play with sparklers and all. (We do that for the Mid-Autumn Festival in Singapore.) Last night, you could hear the booming of fireworks in the air, and the sharper, louder sound of fire crackers on the ground. It was very lively all around Xu Jia Hui, with bright lights and loud noises from about 7 pm till nearly midnight.

I managed to get some good video clips of the fireworks last night. When I find my firewire cable (I haven't unpacked yet), I'll post some clips here. It was an exciting night to walk around on the streets of Shanghai.

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