Thursday, February 28, 2008

Folk Crock Soup Restaurant

Folk Crock Soup Restaurant.

No joke. That's the name of the place. And the food is much better than the English translation of the restaurant's name.

The branch at Shanghai's Tian Yao Qiao Road, on the 4th floor of "In Center," is nicely decorated and very comfortable. The tables by the windows are especially comfortable. On a weekday evening, it is not too difficult to get a table, but that might not be true on the weekend.

The food is really very good. It is home-style cooking. Soup, of course, is the specialty. You will find a wide selection of soups on the menu from which to choose. It could be a lot of fun to visit the restaurant over and over, trying a different type of soup each time.

I have to recommend the beef and taro dish. It is really good, and a little spicy (cooked with sliced red chili). It is quite filling, so take your appetite with you when you go!

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