Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Akashi Japanese Restaurant

Akashi Japanese restaurant, in the basement of Singapore's Paragon Shopping Centre, is a pretty nice place to stop in for a meal. The menu has a wide selection of set meals and al a carte items, with prices ranging from $15-25 for meals. The portions are fairly good sized, and the taste of the food is not bad at all.

The only complaint I had about the place was that they messed up one of our party's order (it was a big group, though, so it is understandable) and the food didn't come. He decided to cancel his order rather than wait for them to bring it out, and they gave him a complimentary fruit plate by way of apology.

The lunch menu is the same as the dinner menu, but with lower prices. Everything is 10-15% less at lunch time, which makes it a much better deal than dinner.

There's also a branch at Tanglin Shopping Centre. I've not been to that one, so can't comment on the service or atmosphere there, but the Paragon Shopping Centre branch is worth a visit.

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Valkrie ANGEL said...

Hmm, must have been delicious...i hope that it was on dutch???

hifidel said...

But of course!
I tried to sell my golden tooth on the way to the restaurant so that I could buy dinner for the whole crowd, but the pawn shop wasn't open. :-)