Saturday, January 26, 2008

Triple Play at the Esplanade

On Jan 31, you can visit the Esplanade and enjoy the Triple Play programme. This Thursday at 7:30, the programme will include these titles:

Ambush from all Sides
The Tune of the Mountain
San Liu
Night in hte Plan
Venezuelan Dance

The show will highlight the four key Chinese traditional string instruments, the pipa, liuqin, zhongruan and daruan. Performers include Hou Yue Hua, Zhang Li, and Jing Po from Singapore Chinese Orchestra.

The show will be in the Esplanade Recital Studio. You can get your tickets online, at the Esplanade website. Tickets are $28 per person ($20 for students, NSF, and senior citizens).

Read Colin Fletcher's The Man Who Walked Through Time and join us for the book club discussion in mid-February

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