Sunday, January 13, 2008

Park Connectors completed in the East

On December 8, The Straits Times reported the completion of the park connectors in the eastern part of Singapore. This creates a 42 km circuit for cyclist, walkers, and joggers to move safely about the eastern portion of the island while engaged in their activities. 42 km is a nice ride for a cyclist, and it is not easy to find enough open road in Singapore to cycle safely, at least not for inexperienced cyclists. (For those more experienced who are willing to ride with the traffic, it is not too bad riding on the roads.) The system of park connectors being built helps address this problem.

More park connectors are planned, with the western part of the island being next on the agenda, according to the article. The projected date of completion is sometime in 2015. It is unknown when the whole island will finally be connected by these scenic paths, but it is in the plans... eventually. Most of the park connectors run alongside the canals that cover the island.

I was overseas most of the time since the date of completion, and so have not seen the newly completed circuit in the East. I am planning on heading over there today, if the weather holds up, and will report back once I've seen it. I'm hoping it is as good as the government has wanted to make it for those of us who cycle.

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