Sunday, January 20, 2008

Great Tips for Would-be Travel Writers

Freelance writer Sharon Hurley Hall has just posted an article entitled How to Write a Travel Piece and Stay at Home. It has some great tips for writing about travel, and writing well... even if you've never been to the destination about which you are expected to write. I love Sharon's emphasis on good research, along with the tips about how to do it. She really knows what she is doing, and is always so generous in sharing her tips.

Silken has also left a comment there about her very interesting blog called Places to Go, where she blogs about places she's never been, but would like to see. Silken and Sharon are both excellent researchers, and I think these blogs show how research can go a long way toward good writing. I enjoy reading a good travel piece about one's own experiences in/of a place. But when it comes to getting good information about a place, nothing replaces good research. Even experience can quickly become outdated, or can reflect too subjective or one-dimensional an opinion. Research, whether of a place one has been to or not, goes a long way in fleshing out one's perceptions of a place, and help to make travel writing solid and useful to the reader.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug, hifidel. I've checked out Silken's blog and it's an interesting concept. There are some great descriptions there.

silken said...

ha ha! thanks ladies for the kind words! hearing that from writers of your caliber makes me blush with my little playing at blog writing!!

don't know if you and your readers will be interested, but there is going to be a travel swap going on. Sign ups end tomorrow, so gotta hurry if you want to join in!

hifidel said...

Thanks for that link, silken. Looks fun!

And thanks both of you for stopping in to comment. Sharon, I thought the post you put up was great, with excellent tips. And silken, I always enjoy stopping in at your "Places to Go" blog.