Monday, January 07, 2008

Boarding in a Few Hours

It's just a few more hours before I board and make my way home after a holiday season spent with my family. It was a doubly blessed time, with my newest godson being born while I've been home.

This quiet few hours before leaving for the airport, when the family is all asleep, always generates an odd feeling. I'm sure it is partly the weariness of the hectic schedule, accompanied by a lack of sleep (which makes it easy to adjust to the time change — I will certainly have a nice long sleep when I reach home). But the thing is that these few moments always bring to me the feeling that I am in between worlds. I'm neither here nor there, but just in a state of some sort of non-being.

I kind of wonder if I will leave any fingerprints between now and the time I reach home? If this feeling of being neither here nor there is any indication of a "real" situation that I am in, then I think not.

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