Thursday, November 01, 2007

When Politics Prevent us From Playing

It's a sad thing when politics prevent us from enjoying our playtime. I was just reading about the sad situation in Sri Lanka caused by the unrest of the Tamil Tigers.

I have some favorite holiday spots that I've been advised to avoid from time to time because of political unrest. There are even a few spots I've not yet been able to visit, having had trips to those places canceled because of violence in the area. It's a sad thing when violence between people keep others on the outside, preventing an enjoyment of good things together. Even worse, the violence can keep us from having a chance to learn about and enjoy some places that we might really like to see.

I've not made it to Sri Lanka yet, but it is one of those spots I'd very much like to see... conditions permitting.

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nishanthe said...

Sri Lanka is a safe place for foreigners, because there is not a single case in 30 years conflict history, which deliberately targeted foreign tourists. I dont say Sri Lanka is a safe heaven, because there is no such a place in todays entire worls.

hifidel said...

Thanks for that info, Nish, and thanks for stopping by. I really hope to visit Sri Lanka in the very near future.

And what you say about no such thing as a safe haven these days is too true, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I am glad you decided to visit Sri Lanka, and if my web site (SriLankaExpedition) helped you in anyways with your decision. :)