Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Free Music and Cheap Food

The most recent Bluegrass Night in League City, Texas, hosted by the Bay Area Bluegrass Association, was lots of fun. There were several very good performances. The guitar and banjo school that opened up the evening with performances by their students was much better than that description makes it sound. I was especially impressed to see Daniel Roy, the Texas State Banjo Champ, play. He was very, very good.

And the music just got better as the night went on. There was some gospel singing by a group from Porter, Texas, and the highlight of the evening was No Strings Attached, a top-notch bluegrass quartet. They write a good deal of their own music, and were impressive enough that I bought a CD before leaving the event.

Besides the performances in the main auditorium, there are a number of rooms booked throughout the building where musicians can go to jam. There were a lot of people with guitars, banjoes, mandolins, and all in the rooms jamming with other musicians. It was a lot of fun to walk around and watch.

And of course, the cheap food was great too. Bar-B-Q, nachos, popcorn, hot dogs, and all that sort of thing were available for reasonable prices. It created a relaxed, family feeling to the event. It was a great place to bring the whole crew, and many people did just that. There were lots of small children, as well as many grey heads. The atmosphere is one of fun and family, and it is definitely worth the price of admission. ;-)

The event is held each month, except in May and December. It is well worth your time to visit Bluegrass Night if you are in the League City area on the third Saturday of a month.

If this sort of event sounds fun to you, you might also enjoy the music reviewed at Pinhole's recent post.

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Unknown said...

Sure, great music and cheap food...but, are you sure it's worth a trip to Texas?

Sounds fun, and thanks for the link.

hifidel said...

That might be a good point, Pinhole. I probably wouldn't travel all the way to Texas to see it either. If you happen to be in the area, though, I'll be more than happy to foot the bill to take you to the Bluegrass show. (If, of course, it happens to be when I am there.)