Friday, November 09, 2007

Ad Space on Travel Blogs

This blog receives offers for ads from time to time (you can see my disclosure policy for a little more insight on that.) The offers can range from a few dollars to a fair bit per post (though the ones for a few dollars are much more common).

One of the most flexible ad companies I know of is Pay Per Post. They have a special system where advertisers can contact me directly to arrange for advertisements, and they will take a much smaller commission that what is generally kept by ad companies. You can click on this tabe if you'd like to consider advertising here:

PPP Direct

If you are wonering how to get started posting ads on your own travel blog, you can click this tab:

You will be given the opportunity there to do a review of my blog. When it is approved (which will take about 30 days), you'll receive $7.50 for posting the ad, and I will receive the same for introducing you. I think you'll be very pleased once you get started too. There are lots of opportunities, and yet you don't have to flood your blog with a lot of rubbish. PPP looks for good quality blogs, and has some fairly high standards for the posts they will accept.

I'll get back to posting travel related entries in my next post. But I did want to let you know about these opportunities, whether you are looking to advertise on travel related blogs (and/or blogs on other topics), or whether you'd like to post ads on your own blogs.

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silken said...

I tried to do the PPP direct but can't get it to work...