Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Singapore Food in Houston

I was reading a story a friend of mine told about looking for Singapore cuisine in the Houston area. I know the feeling... I always go through a little bit of withdrawal when I am "home" visiting my parents.

I am going to be making that trip very soon, and so have started getting ready -- hoping to find a spot that I can bring my friend to, and that the two of us can really enjoy some food from Singapore, even as we are so far away from home. I've found this list, which seems to be one of the most promising. I've made note of the restaurants listed there so that we can give them a try. I'll have an update soon. I hope we find a good spot to report on.

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Malcolm R. Campbell said...

So, what you're telling us is that you don't get off the plane and head for the nearest KFC or Wendys?

The closest kind of food I can find to what you may be looking for is at a really great Thai restaurant near where I used to work, but--come to think of it--I don't know that I've ever eaten at a place that focuses on Singapore.

Hope you enjoy your meal(s).


hifidel said...

Sun Singer, that is it exactly -- Thai is probably the closest, though Indian food can really hit the spot.

Singaporean and Malaysian food is different because it is a blend of Chinese (southern China), Malay and Indian... all mixed in a special Southeast Asian way.

Wonderful stuff!!