Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Red River BBQ, a disappointment

I went with my parents to Red River BBQ on Main Street in League City today. We've enjoyed their food for several years now, often bringing it home when we didn't have time to cook (or just didn't feel like it). Their BBQ sauce is especially good. Today, I tried their burgers for the first time (I always go for the BBQ), and the burger was really outstanding.

But the trip was a disappointment. We had a coupon for a free sandwich, and one of the owners of the place refused to honor it, stating that we didn't meet the terms of the fine print. My dad tried 2-3 times to alter the order to fit in, but somehow it all got rather confusing. I thought it was settled when the owner walked over to our table with a free sandwich, but his attitude was pretty bad. He actually stood there trying to argue with my dad about the fine print on the coupon, instead of just serving with a smile, which is generally the standard I expect at our little local spots like this one. (Competition for good service is pretty stiff around here. Most places do a fair job of it.)

I told my parents that I was surprised at the guys' attitude. My mom related a story, telling my why her office won't cater from Red River anymore. Some time back, the last time they catered from Red River, one of the owners was carrying food in, and he dropped a tray. Everyone saw him stop and pick the food up, put it back on the tray, and bring it in. Having seen it, they were a little sympathetic at first, but that changed when he started serving the food that had dropped. He would not even talk to the person in charge about a discount or replacing the dropped items. She called the restaurant in order to complain, only to be told, "He's one of the owners. No one can override him."

I normally prefer to recommend good spots to eat on my blog. And, before today, I probably would have recommended Red River as one of those spots that my family has always enjoyed, and that I have when I come back to visit. With the guy's attitude today, and the story from my mom's office, I thought it might be worth a short entry to say that Red River is a place I can recommend, but only recommend that you avoid it. (Don't let the smell of the good food deceive you!)

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silken said...

oh, that is too bad!

hifidel said...

I know! Can you imagine!!! I couldn't believe it when my mom told me.