Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pulau Redang

I've talked before about some of the amazing beach holidays I've gotten to go on over the years. One of the best spots visited was Pulau Redang, where the waters teem with exotic sea life for the diver or snorkeler to enjoy.

When I went to Redang, it was still very much a new development. A friend of mine had been there some years before, and it was really untouched at that time. But even with the development going on when I visited, the beaches remained pristine, with the clearest waters I've ever seen. The views of the sea life were unbeatable. The two fish swimming under the coral in this photo were about 8 feet below me, and yet the view of them was as perfect as if they were near enough touch.

One of the highlights of snorkeling at Redang is swimming with the baby sharks. They swim very near the shore, and at times you will see a swarm of them near the coral. They are beautiful to watch.

It is perfectly safe to swim with the baby sharks. They are about a meter long, and still too young to do harm. One must, however, watch for the needle fish that swim nearer the surface. While they won't bite, it is not unheard of for snorkelers or swimmers to be accidentally speared by their long needle-point beaks.

You can reach Redang easily from Kuala Terenganu. I've made the drive from Singapore several times (about a 10 hour drive), and left my car at the jetty from which boats to Pulau Redang leave. Other options include flying to KT, and catching a bus from there to the jetty. It's just less than an hour's journey from KT to the departure point to Pulau Redang.

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