Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Neighbour Update

He's finally gone and done it. I still don't have pictures, as I wasn't there when these alleged events happened. In fact, I only heard it through the grapevine, but my neighbourhood grapevine is generally quite reliable.

Here's the story. They say the new guy in the neighbourhood made his way, at last, from the parking lot to the nearby shops, about a half minute walk from my flat. When he reached the shops, the spotlight was immediately turned on him, with breakfast-eaters, early-morning-shoppers, and others all rather amused by this foreign presence.

Apparently the attention went to his head.

He went into a furniture shop, and began pulling cushions off of some of the sofas and chairs for sale there. He flung them into the grassy area between shop and sidewalk, and generally made havoc of of the shop's contents.

Not surprisingly, the fellow was finally rounded up by the authorities after this display.

I tell ya... the nerve of some, er... people.

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silken said...

wow! he is getting brave! was it scary at all?

hifidel said...

I wasn't there, so any comment I could make would be my own imagination. But the lady who cuts my hair, the furniture shop owner, and several friends have all commented on it (only the 2 shopkeepers actually saw it). Seems it was a combination of irritating and funny more than exactly scary. But he's been taken away now, so I don't think we'll see him around here again.

silken said...

I bet that is certainly something they will talk about for a time!