Sunday, October 07, 2007

Life on the Streets

Tonight I went with my godchildren's family for dinner. On the way to the coffee shop where we were eating, we happened upon a very interesting event going on underneath one of the benches alongside the sidewalk.

Huddled underneath the bench was a cat and her two kittens, still very, very young. As we stopped to take pictures of the nursing babies, we noted that they were younger than we might have first realized. In fact, if you note, you will see blood patches on the pavement in the photo. It seems these little guys were born a half hour or less before we saw them.

The mother cat was, of course, quite protective, so we were careful to keep a respectful distance. The pictures are, as a result, a little bit blurred, but you can still get the idea what the little fellows looked like. It was a lot of fun for all of us to see them. I wish I could say that the kids were especially excited, but my enthusiasm might just have topped theirs.

After dinner, we walked back past the feline family as they continued to huddle in their little safe haven. They were contentedly resting after the big event. I am afraid my flash woke them, so perhaps I owe them an apology.

But then, I suppose life on the streets is rough like that.

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silken said...

what timing! very cool you happened along at that moment...

hifidel said...

Yes, we were very excited about that. It was great to get to see the little kittens, especially because my godchildren are true city kids. I don't think they'd seen any animals that young before.