Monday, October 08, 2007

Hot Springs, Arkansas

My grandfather grew up in Arkansas, and much of my extended family members still live in a little Arkansas town (population 300 -- 299 of which are my relatives). I spent many of my holiday periods during my growing up days in Arkansas, the best memory of such a trip being the time I was there just with my grandparents not very long before my grandmother got too sick for such traveling. Having my grandparents all to myself for once was wonderful, and it is a memory that I am very happy to have. The farm lands on which my relatives live were the perfect setting for that holiday, and the time we spent driving in the Ozarks was like heaven to the 10-year-old me.

The Hot Springs area is one of those spots in Arkansas where you'll find some stunning scenery. This website has some great information for the area, including these helpful listings:

Hot Springs, Arkansas Best Restaurants
Top Attractions in the Hot Springs Area
Free Things to do in Hot Springs

The retaurant guide is very useful, with all of the listings being considered top dining spots by locals in the area. None of the listings are paid listings or reviews, so it is an especially useful site.

I like that the website there helps you get around the Hot Springs area as if you've lived there for a long time, instead of feeling your way along and falling into every tourist trap set to ensnare you.

If you get to visit the area, I hope you leave it with memories as pleasant as those I hold of the place.

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