Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hot Air Balloon Ride, Singapore

Here's the view from a hot air balloon ride I took in downtown Singapore

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silken said...


is this the same hot air balloon we saw downtown last year when we went to hear Juan Martin?

Family Fun and Faith said...

up, up and away

hifidel said...

Yes, silken, it is that one. It is a big yellow ballon, with the red letters DHL on it.

Spinayarn, the trip was actually a bit overpriced for the amount of time you spend up and away. But it is slightly cheaper if you have a local to bring you (not necessarily a Singaporean, but someone who lives here). I thought the Duck Tour was actually better value for money.

Sharon Hurley Hall said...

Thanks for sharing this, hifidel. And thanks to a new super duper speedy connection, I was actually able to watch it properly :)

hifidel said...

Congrats on the great new connection, bloggingwriter! It's a good feeling, isn't it?