Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cuisine of India

On Nasa Road 1 in Webster, you can find a great little spot of Indian food. Cuisine of India offers a very nice lunch buffet. It's a little crowded most weekdays, but that's just because the food is so good.

On the buffet, there's an endless supply of naan, with many types of curry and dishes available to go with it. There is also plenty of that wonderfully spiced long grain rice too. I love the spinach dishes, whether the fried one of the creamy spinach dip. There's plenty more available for vegetarians too, including the perfectly spiced chickpeas in curry, an eggplant curry, and several other mixed vegetable dishes.

For the carnivores, you'll find some great tandoori chicken, and the cilantro chicken is pretty good too. There's not much that misses for me at Cuisine of India. It's a great spot to stop for some really good Indian food, and you can even make it your lunch spot when you are on your way to NASA from the freeway.

Check here for a map to Cuisine of India

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