Friday, October 05, 2007

The Blue Moon Cafe

The Blue Moon Cafe is a quiet little spot inside of Stamford House, off of Hill Street, in Singapore. It is very conveniently located, within a couple of minutes' walking distance from City Hall MRT Station. And the style of the place is pretty cool too. It's just the sort of spot I like to settle down for a quiet afternoon, with a good cup of tea, and a good book at hand.

I like the food at the Blue Moon pretty well, and really enjoy some of the selections of tea. But, for me, the highlight there is the bookshelf. It's a bookcrossing shelf, so readers can leave old books there for others to take, or can pick up new (ok, used) books -- Free! I recently picked up a great find there, John Costello's Science Fiction Films, and have been enjoying it very much.

The Blue Moon serves as something of a headquarters for Bookcrossers in Singapore. The local bookcrossing bunch meets up there once a month. I've not actually been able to make it to a meeting yet (it seems I am always traveling), but I have left some books at The Blue Moon, and have picked some up too.

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Malcolm R. Campbell said...

We need more of those BookCrossing shelves. That's so much better than leaving books on benches in malls or tables in restaurants where the first person who chances along has probably never heard of capturing books.

The decent food is icing on the cake.


hifidel said...

The problem with leaving books in public places here is not just that the passersby haven't heard of them. It is also that the place is too clean. I've sat and watched a member of the cleaning staff pick up a book I'd left on a park bench and start to throw it away. I got it back from her before I could, but it did make me wonder how many other bookcrossing books might have been disposed of.