Monday, September 24, 2007

Ugly Buildings

I just stumbled across a blog entry that claims to name the world's 9 ugliest buildings. I have to admit that most of the buildings shown there don't strike me as anything beautiful. A polite "That's, um... interesting," is probably the best most of these buildings would get from us. I'll bet Tomorrow Square, the building in Shanghai's People's Square that has captured my attention because of it's rather jarring design, would easily arouse the ire of that blogger too. I can think of several buildings in Singapore that might also manage to do so.

I have to question, though, which makes a bigger eyesore on the landscape -- a building that attempts to be interesting, to do something that challenges our perceptions, or a building that does nothing to our senses at all. There are countless buildings that fit so neatly into those surrounding them -- as if they all came from the same mold -- that one wonders what the point of so many structures of the same design could possibly be.

I'll admit that several of the buildings shown on that list of the top 9 don't do much for me, but like the blog says, you gotta give the architects some credit. It would have, after all, been much easier to just make one more building that looks like all the others we are already surrounded by.

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