Sunday, September 02, 2007

Tourism Saves the Day?

A friend of mine wrote earlier in the year about staying on a coconut plantation in Phuket. The place there looks really fabulous, like the sort of place you can really relax and enjoy yourself.

In a comment on his blog, someone asked if the pictures were taken before or after the tsunami. The photos were pre-tsunami, but the question is a reminder of how much that disaster affected the region. Many tourists have purposely planned trips to the area, specifically in order to help those suffering regions to recover economically.

When I hear of travelers doing things like this, it always makes me feel good about the whole travel and tourism endeavor. What can often seem to be a self-centered thing, with little regard for the people and places one visits, doesn't have to be so. I salute those travelers who put some thought into what their money spent might mean to the region they are visiting. It is nice when a trip is about more than just consumerism and me-first.

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