Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A New Place

I've just begun a new blog. I plan on closing down some of my older blogs (not this one). Some of those have served a purpose for a while, but I find their usefulness has more or less run out, and so I want to move on to something else. That is part of what prompted me to migrate this blog to its own domain and begin to focus more exclusively on it.

At my new blog, I will be talking mostly about literature, movies, and other forms of culture (popular or otherwise). I've started there with an entry about a sense of place in writing. I hope to continue along that path, and work my way toward an exploration of some particular text(s).

Blogging, for me, has felt in many ways like a journey. There is much to see in the blogosphere, and it can be both exciting and disconcerting to travel about in this strange landscape. But, ultimately, like any journey well taken, I find that an excursion into the world of Blog leads the traveler to learn much about herself.

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