Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Migratory Lifestyle

Late night. Pack bags. Double check. Tickets. Passport. Cash. Visas. And then the important stuff... iPod, cell phone, a good book. Triple check.

Wee morning hours. Double check. Alarm set. A cat nap. Alarm sounds. Shower. Check bags one last time.

The dawn breaks. Grab the bags (now double checked, triple checked, and checked once more). Catch a cab. Sit and wait, perhaps enduring idle chattering. Pray there are no morning traffic jams.

The airport reached. Get in line. Check bags (a different sort of check this time). Flash passport and boarding pass. Wait in line. Immigration clearance.

A deep breath. Grab a bite of breakfast. Last stop in a clean restroom. Flash passport and boarding pass. Board the plane. While away the hours until landing.

Rush about. Sit and wait.

Posted from Changi Airport, using the free internet service the airport generously provides for those hours of sitting and waiting

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silken said...

love this post....

left you a little link love

Malcolm R. Campbell said...

You've captured the ambiance of being on the road. (Or in the sky.)


hifidel said...

Thanks both of you.

I just got home (safe and sound) after a round of this sort of travel. I think that just about the time I catch up on my sleep, it will be time for the next round.