Sunday, September 09, 2007

Blogging on the Road

It can be frustrating to try to access the internet when on the road sometimes. And, depending on where you've traveled to, it can be tough to maintain a blog nicely while away from the conveniences of having access to the internet from the place you are more used to.

For me, I am away now, and have had a tough time finding a steady connection. I can get on just fine most of the time, but then the connection will drop, and I have to find it again... things like that.

The worst part is that my present location prevents me from viewing my blog. I can get in and post, but I can view any of the posts. I can see, from my dashboard, that there are new comments waiting to be read and answered, but I can't get into the pages where those comments are located.


One of the beauties of the internet is how we can keep in touch with home when we roam far away. That seems to make it all the more frustrating when we lose that convenience for a short while.

Funny thing is, I did plenty of traveling in the pre-internet days, and survived just fine. Strange how quickly we become dependent on it all.

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Sharon Hurley Hall said...

Yes, it can be difficult when the internet connection isn't up to scratch. I reflected on that myself when I was away recently. I remember taking holidays where I was out of touch for two or three weeks. Not surprisingly, they were much more relaxing.

Malcolm R. Campbell said...

We get so used to good connexions that the bad ones are really tedious. I tried to update some stuff on MySpace today, but the site is moving so slowly, I just has to say "to heck with it"until later.

I wanted to let you know that I said a few words about this site in my WordPress blog at:


hifidel said...

Hey Sharon and Malcolm,

Thanks for stopping in and the sympathy! :-) It was rather frustrating to be unable to access my blog sites -- even when I could get online, I might see the dashboard, but never the site. It was bad. Basically, it is just censorship, really. Access to all blog sites is blocked right now, though it was not just a few months ago when I was last there. I don't know when or why that changed. I've always found some sites blocked (Wikipedia, for instance), but never before were my blogs censored. Now, it is all blogs hosted on free blog sites. So, other than professional blogs (and a few very small sites that fly under the radar), I couldn't even view any of my friends' blogs.